"We Sleep Around,
Homeless by Choice"


Susie and Bill Davidson

After thirteen years of world-wide, full-time traveling (Homeless by Choice), we published our first book "We Sleep Around, Homeless by Choice" in May 2015. It shares the first five years of our travels as House and Pet Sitters. We are currently working on the sequel "Still Sleeping Around, a Travel Alternative", and plan for the final book "Done Sleeping Around". Order a signed copy directly from us using the link above, or find it on Amazon. Life is good, God supplies all our needs... 

As "young" retirees, who House/Pet-Sit for YOU - we stay in your home loving and caring for your animals and home as you would, while you travel. House/Pet Sitting allows us the opportunity to visit interesting areas, have short-term pets, and meet new friends. We have a long list of references. Bill and I have provided 132 pet sitting services over the last 13 years, visited 45 states, and several foreign countries.

We have NOT charged for our services, but now in our 16th year of being "homeless", we feel me must set a fee; YOU decide how much. "Tips" have ranged from $35-$80/day. This is MUCH lower than the majority of pet sitters and there is NO per animal fee. You will receive the same personal and loving care. (Tips are GREATLY appreciated .) We are also happy to do airport runs for you. Using your vehicle, we will delivery and pick you up as needed. Thanks for your understanding and trust in us; we hope to work with you and love your animals soon. 

     We try to plan several months in advance, but remain flexible for near-term opportunities. Our house-sitting has included long and short-term. We have stayed as long as 10 months and as short as a weekend. We prefer at least 2 weeks, but book as we can. Some of our sits include... 

  • 11/17/17-2/14/18  Sitting Mr. Gus in Prescott Valley, two kitties in Southern CA, Cabo San Lucas, Las Vegas and Southern CA with cats, dogs, and family.
  • 2/15/2017 was our 15th anniversary of being homeless and we drove off together from SoCA to Atlanta. Bill has a final contract job for 2 years, and then I THINK we will grow up. Meanwhile, I'm still bouncing around playing with YOUR pets, family and friends. Already booked through the end of the year. Looking forward to 4 mos in Connecticut this summer!
  • 2016 was a busy, crazy year bouncing around Southern CA, Las Vegas, and Cabo San Lucas. Fortunately we sat near family/friends and got to play with our "kids", grandkids, cats, dogs, chickens, fish, birds, Calvin SWINE, and two goats!
  • Several critters in Oceanside, Fallbrook, Las Vegas, Santa Monica, and Bonsall July-Oct. 2015, including Calvin SWINE, a pot-belly pig! Our first pig on the "resume".
  • Fallbrook CA with 2 cats and little Bernie the month of June, 2015
  • Fawnskin CA with 2 dogs for the local Veterenarian  4/2015
  • San Jose CA (Roxy) with Atty & Chloe for 2 weeks March
  • Henderson NV with Mr. Oreo for a month Feb/March 2015
  • Downtown Las Vegas with 2 golden retrievers and Simba the cat, 12/24/14-1/9/15
  • Henderson NV for 2 mos with Georgie & Porgie 11&12/2014 
  • Littleton CO for a week with Howie 7/2014
  • Las Vegas (Sumerlin) 2 cats & 2 dogs 6/2014 (again 12/2014)
  • Casa Grande AZ, 5 weeks for Ms. Phoenix the cat 5/2014 
  • Oceano CA, 3 weeks for Ms Sammie, the cat 3/2014
  • Cabo San Lucas; Kailey dog 1 week, 2/2014
  • Cabo San Lucas; BEAUTIFUL Valentina (lg dog), 3 weeks  1/2014
  • Henderson NV; 33 days mid-Sept/Oct, loving Mr. Oreo, cat
  • Las Vegas NV; 17 days, Aug 2013, CRAZY/loving white lab
  • Milwaukie OR; 2 dogs, 2 Chinchillas, & fish tank for two weeks in Aug 2013
  • Fawnskin CA for a month July/Aug 2013 with 2 dogs for the local Veterenarian  (again 4/2014 and 4/2015)
  • Valley Center CA, 17 days with 5 large dogs on 5 acre grove
  • Oceanside CA, 10 days with 2 Jack Russels, Zoe & Zia
  • Fallbrook for the month of May; Bullet, Bella & Duke 
  • Valley Center CA, 1 week with 3 dogs & 2 cats 3/2013
  • Fallbrook CA , 1 week again with Bullet, Bella & Duke (again 9/2014)
  • Chula Vista CA, 10 days with 5 lb Yorkie named Stamp
  • Fallbrook CA, little Bernie, Feb 2013
  • Austin TX Area, 2 house cats, Tucker & Miller, Jan/Feb 2013
  • Carlsbad CA with Standard Poodle service dog, Jan. 2013
  • Alta Loma CA with 1 yr old Yorkie pup, Sophie, Dec, 2012
  • Dana Point CA several times for 2 kitties Ollie & Muffin
  • Two different Vista CA sits in June & July, 2012 
  • Fallbrook CA (repeat) with Duke, Bullet & Bella, 4&9/2012
  • Henderson NV with Mr. Oreo (cat) for March, May & Oct 2012
  • Sisters OR (repeat) with Sebastian & Charlie, January 2012 
  • Big Bear CA with 2 house-dogs December 2011 
  • Portland OR, 2 weeks with Alberta the retired "Service Dog" 
  • Three different Valley Center sits for 2 mos, June, 2011
  • Sisters OR with 2 friendly cats for 4 weeks May, 2011
  • Centerville GA with Buddy the cat, 2 weeks April, 2011
  • Annandale VA for the month of March, 2011 
  • Orinda CA, with sweet Maddie, a yellow lab 2/2011
  • Big Bear CA, with 2 dogs & a cat 12/20/2010-2/16/2011
  • Fallbrook CA, a month with 2 big dogs, a cat, and a pool  10/2010
  • Germantown MD, 3 weeks with 2 kitties 9/2010 
  • Napa CA, a month with 2 friendly kittens 5/2010
  • Fallbrook CA, with an old loving cat 4/2010
  • Valley Center CA with 4 lg dogs and 2 cats  (one requiring insulin shots twice daily) 3/2010 
  • San Clemente CA with "Squeaker" for a week 3/2010
  • Colorado Springs CO with 2 Sheltie Puppies 2/2010 
  • Sausalito CA overlooking bay with Carrin Terrier for 5 weeks
  • Vista CA for a week with a Grayhound and 2 cats
  • Rainbow CA for 10 days for 2 big dogs on 5 acres
  • Bonsall CA for a week with 2 small Bichon Frise
  • Oceanside CA for 2-1/2 weeks with an English Terrior & a cat
  • Dana Point CA, occasional sits with an old loving cat
  • Gilbert AZ with 2 little ?weiner? dogs for two weeks  2008
  • Chandler AZ with a yellow lab/collie mix for a week
  • Oceanside CA, occasional 1&2 week sits with a chocolate lab
  • Edgewater MD for a week with 2 small house dogs
  • Arlington VA for 2 weeks with a chocolate lab
  • Tracy?s Landing MD 8 months with 3 Ferrell cats 
  • San Clemente CA with 2 house-cats
  • Wausa WI for 1 month with 2 cats and one old yellow lab, Darcy
  • San Marcos TX for 6 weeks on 15 country acres with 5 dogs
  • Lincoln & Plymouth MA for a year total with 3 cats and 2 dogs
  • Visalia,CA ranch w/2 steer, ducks, geese, birds, cats, dogs, & pool
  • Holland, 2 weeks summer ?04 for a large Weimaraner, 2005
  • San Dimas CA for three house-cats
  • Two-months in Hyde Park, NY with 2 cats and a pool , 2003
  • One week in Elkins Park, PA with old Frankie, springer spaniel
  • Forsyth GA on 5 acres with a 2 acre pond of geese and ducks

-We are continually looking for further house/pet-sitting opportunities. Your mind should be at ease while you travel, with your home and pets in our loving, capable hands.


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