Meet our Grandbabies Meet our Grandbabies Helping Promote "We Sleep Around" Our 7 year old Grandie is such a help in our book presentations and promotion. 199384913 Grandma Get to HouseSit Grandies Two weeks in Cabo San Lucas caring for my favorite pets Ella and Ethan. 197712049 Shopping in Cabo Ella is a wonderful BIG sister to little Ethan, almost 7 months. (6.2.2014) 193042244 Ella's a BIG Sister Ethan joined our family November 4, 2013. Welcome Ethan Will Slawson Davidson, made in America, born in Mexico. 193042243 Big blue eyes like daddy 20343290 Ella's first Easter 20343323 What an angel 20343325 She already loves to swim 20343326 Come in and make yourself at home 20343328 Big hit at mommie and daddy's wedding "Can I read the Bible?" 20343324 How many frogs must I kiss to find my prince? 36570354 Ella, Still my Asst. Pet Sitter Valentina, December/Jan 2013/14 188499481 Mommie, Can I keep Taddy? 36570353 One of Gma's house-sit dogs, Zoe, O'Side 81005845 Easter, 2010 with GmaLee in Covina 81005848 BIG Dog Three yr old Ella enjoys the animals as much as GmaSusie. This Newfoundland, Wallace, loved the attention. 131955337 Big Bear CA Another of Grandpa & Gma's house sits, this is Mary and Ella was good at walking her 134004949 134004848 Wallace, Valley Center CA This little Nufie weighs about 180, compared with my 27 lbs. Grandma & Grandpa let me play with him when I visited this house sit. 134004951 203046830 203046831 203046832 203046833 204825567