Past House/Pet Sits Past House/Pet Sits Candy Cane in Colton We just got our mail from the Orlando mailbox and had 8 Christmas cards. Better late than never, and good to be loved. I've been doing lots of crafting and wanted to share little Candy Cane (she had a curly tail) that I sat for just before Christmas. She made such a great model for the crochet hat I donated to the Red Cross (along with 20 others) for premie babies. I'm keeping busy while playing with your pets! 203678180 Chloe, Oceanside The month of September, 2016 203046949 Fallbrook CA 5/1/2015 A week with Kit-Kat and his twin Snickers. We get them again for the whole month of June! 198424829 Las Vegas 2014, Dec & Jan Harley and Simba 198424957 Littleton CO, 10 days 7/2014 Peaceful little Howie 195045999 Las Vegas NV 5 weeks 7/2014 Summerlin area with 2 rescue dogs and 2 cats. 195045997 Las Vegas NV 5 weeks 7/2014 Eeyore enjoyed cuddling with Uncle Bill 195045998 Susie, the Cat Lover Phoenix the cat, Casa Grande AZ for 5 weeks May/June 2014 193042303 Sammie & My Crafting Oceano CA, 3 weeks March/April 2014. I'm a crafter and love leaving surprises for my homeowners. 191763819 Beautiful Valentina We cared for her in our rented condo for 3 weeks at Christmas. She became a part of our family. 188499482 Valentina, Cabo San Lucas 12/2013 We enjoyed a walk to the beach and playing in the surf. 188499483 Rescue Kittens These little 3-wk old rescue kittens were well cared for in Valley Center, 6/2011. 131955336 Colorado Springs CO Two Sheltie "puppies" that Aunt Susie got to spoil 74847454 Sweet Maddie in Orinda CA Fabulous yellow lab (though she looks like a golden retriever) after our final morning walk. She and I were both near tears upon parting. 119211253 Mr. Oreo Las Vegas, often sit him for a month 188499279 Miss Ella likes to help Our little 3 yr old Granddaughter is also an animal lover. She helped walk Mary in Big Bear CA, 2.2011 119211252 Front Porch with the Furbabies Loved our time in Fawnskin CA July/Aug 2013 188499318 Beautiful Fawnskin CA Winnie & Ruby, July/Aug 2013 186623884 Dorothy, the Tarantula So far, our only 8-legged friend - Las Vegas NV, 6/2010 and again 8/2013. 131956574 Crazy Hank, Las Vegas 8/2013 Hank recently lost his best friend, so he tends to get into a bit of trouble 186623883 Two Chinchillas, Gracie is hiding Bella loved attention, they are soooo soft! (Portland OR, August 2013) 186623886 Serendipity, 3 yr old Pit Bull She loves to chase squirrels up the tree, Portland OR, August 2013 186623885 Mr. Oreo Henderson NV for March, May, and October, 2012 also Sept. 2013 155821968 Diabetic animals? Not a problem, Susie can give insulin shots. 81006747 Bullet, Fallbrook CA "Quit horsing around and come play with me!" 155821970 Bird Nest! I've watched a nest of Chickadees in San Marcos TX, Humingbirds in Capistrano Beach CA, and these 5 little Red Poles in Fallbrook CA 155821971 Bella Fallbrook CA for November 2010 and April 2012 "Yo Quiero Taco Bell" 155821969 Wild Animals We are country folk, and the wild animals make a house-sit even more exciting. (Sisters OR, 5/2011) 131955335 Bashful Charlie Sisters OR for the month of May, 2011 and the month of January, 2012 155821967 Bonsall CA Close to friends and famly in Southern CA 20906363 San Marcos TX Fifteen country acres with FIVE dogs and a cat named "Kitty" 20906347 Wausa WI Love the wild animals as well as the tame 20906364 We love animals! We connect with all animals; dogs, cats, birds, chickens, ducks, geese, steer, horses, and fish - Did I miss anything? 20906365 Plymouth MA "Boston Blizzard" of 05 was beautiful 20906362 Fallbrook Summer, 2015 Calvin Swine 199811919 199811920 Oscar and Boo-boo Sweethearts in Fallbrook, 9/2016 203046950 Little Miss Chloe Murrietta for a week, August, 2016 203046951 Family in Fawnskin Our son helped with Winnie and Ruby May, 2016 203046960 Miss Chelsea Rancho Bernardo, San Diego Co June, 2016 203046961 204825564 204825565 204825566