"We Sleep Around,
Homeless by Choice"


Bill & Susie Davidson

We have been traveling "homeless" via House/Pet Sitting for thirteen years, since we sold everything and hit the road in 2/2002. We just published our first book, "WE SLEEP AROUND, Homeless by Choice". Having slept in over 800 beds, this book tells about the first 5 years of our adventure. Future books will be "Still Sleeping Around", and "Done Sleeping Around".


Let us introduce ourselves… Bill retired as a Manager 10/2000 from a Southern California utility that he had been with for 32 years. Susie “retired” 4/2001 as School Secretary from the local high school. February 15, 2002, we sold our 3200 sq. ft. home in Fallbrook CA and set out to discover the world. It took 3 garage sales plus a lot of donations to the local library, family, friends, and American Veterans before we narrowed our "stuff" to what fit into a 5x5x10 storage unit and our GMC Yukon XL. We headed off for our GR8 Adventure in our packed SUV. We are now "barefoot and fancy free" and we're lovin' every minute!


Our planned adventure is to tour the US and other areas of the world over the next several years. Thus far we’ve covered the Pacific-coast states, including Alaska, most of the Canadian Provinces, New England and the Atlantic-coast states. We've also visited parts of Europe, UK, Central/South America, and the Caribbean. We’ve seen 45 states and 28 countries in the past 12+ years.


During this adventure, we have discovered the opportunity of house/pet-sitting. As a 2-way street, housesitting allows us to provide a service to those needing this type of assistance and offers us the opportunity to see interesting areas, have short-term pets, and meet new friends ~ two, four, and eight-legged.  


Update 11/4/2013

Our daughter and family living in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico presented us with a grandson and we were able to rent an apartment near them for 6 months. What a good addition to our family and our adventure. We found 2 pet sits for some local families while we were there, so we were able to get our animal fix and our 6 yr old granddaughter was able to be our Assistant Pet Sitter again. That was a 1200 mile trip each way down and back to CA to continue house/pet sitting.


Update 3/7/2011

Bill is another year older today, and leaves tomorrow for training in Ft Worth TX and then on to the Middle East. He has accepted a 1-yr contract with Dyn-Corp in Afghanistan. We will keep in touch via e-mail and skype and hope to be together in Sept for his 1-month break. I'll continue to house/pet-sit and visit Miss Ella as often as possible. We're actually condidering a 2nd yr contract and then maybe settling down... YES it appears we might actually grow up in 2 yrs and buy a house. Our top options are currently New Braunfels TX or Hendersen NV.

Update 6/2010 - Together on the Road Again

After two years with the US Treasury at the Embassay in Baghdad Iraq, Bill is "home". We reunited in DC where we spent time with his family before spending time in CA with more family and specifically Miss Ella, now 2-1/2 yrs. We fulfilled one of his dreams 11/2009 by taking a cruise around South America. What a fabulous adventure and great to be together. We've hit the house-sitting road again and still loving meeting new friends.


Update 11/2008 - Cindi is Married                                                     Cindi & Ed Slawson were married November 15! We are now “inlaws” and life is still good. Bill was home to walk Cindi down the “aisle” as the "kids" were married on the beach in Carlsbad CA. They rented a mansion for the week so we had the rehearsal, wedding, reception, and honeymoon on the beach and the beautiful California weather could not have been better.

Update 12/2007 - Grandparents                                                           We became GRANDPARENTS! Ella Mae Slawson was born in Oceanside CA on December 18. We are enjoying life even more as we share adventures with her. When grandpa is stateside, we try to make things really special, and Ella is the SPECIALIST!

Update 9/2007 - Bill's in Baghdad

While house-sitting in the Washington DC area, Bill had the opportunity to do some consulting with the US Treasury Dept. He has taken a temporary position at the American Embassey and is currently in Baghdad, Iraq. He comes “home” quarterly to meet up with family, friends, and Susie who continues to house/pet-sit. The adventure is a bit different with us being on two different continents, but life is still good. Susie is now homeless, unemployed, and "single" - HA, HA!








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